Tattoo regret?  Looking to do a coverup piece? Maybe those tattooed eyebrows are not what you expected…we can help!


We have the latest Q Switch laser technology to safely & effectively target ink trapped in the skin.  The laser obliterates the ink particles into such tiny pieces that the body will absorb & flush it away.  This happens in our lymphatic & immune systems!  How cool is that!  Treatments are done every 8-12 weeks & multiple sessions are required. If you have tattoo regrets and want to remove a tattoo or are looking to fade a tattoo for a coverup piece, then you need to come see us. We can do everything from cosmetic tattoos such as eyebrow tattoos, to ring tattoos & large body pieces. Consultations are free and can be done virtually!

Please contact us to consult with one of our laser technicians or submit your contact information below to set up your free consultation.