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Gift Certificate

Happy Belated Canada Day!!

We are celebrating all month long with our 4th annual summer MEGA GIFT CARD sale!!

This sale is anticipated by our clients every year because not only do you get FREE $$$ added to your gift card, you can use it to pay for ANY of our services and treatments!!

Spend a minimum of $250 and we add 25% free money to the gift card! We keep this card on your file and when you book services with us, you use the gift card to pay for them! Here are some examples of how much free $$$ you will get on your purchased gift card:

$250 = $312.50

$300 = $ 375

$400 = $500

$500 = $625

$800 = $1000

$1000 = $1250

*these gift cards can be used to pay for our monthly promotions

**these gift cards cannot be used to pay for flash-

sales or skincare products**

*these gift cards cannot be used to pay for any facebook or instagram promotions

Use your bonus money to try one of our amazing Signature treatments such as our Completely New Skin signature treatment or the Hollywood Facelift, 2 of our most sought after treatments! And if you haven’t tried our Beyond Botox facial yet or the TGIF facial then we highly recommend you give them a whirl! They maybe our favourite facials at the moment!

Gift Certificate

That’s not all we have going on this month!  

Since we have our Diode laser, we can continue Laser Hair Removal services all summer long, even on tanned skin and all our melanin rich clients! So we are bringing back our hugely popular deal we did in January. Check this out! Come in every month for 6 months to get these massive savings.

For $200 per session you can choose any 3 of the following areas:



This is a 6 session package. It works out to be $200 each session and 3 areas must be chosen from the list above. The payment is required in full for the package of 6, or 2 payments of $600+ tax. Payments are due on the first session, or prepaid before, and on the 3rd session. Sessions are to be booked in every 4-5 weeks. Enjoy a summer of massive savings on your laser hair removal!

Gift Certificate

Do you have any big events this summer?

 If you do then come see us for a skin refresher to have you looking and feeling your best. We have many great options for you to choose from! Contact us to find out what we would recommend to you for the event. We have something for everyone! We can also accommodate up to 3 bookings at once if you want to book with some friends or family. You are closer to your best skin yet!

Follow us on socials to see our latest work and great before and after pictures as well as reviews from happy clients!

To contact us about any of this month’s promotions, please text, call or email us. Texting will be the fastest response. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in our studio this month!

The New Skin team,

SonyaShelby & Fayrouz



We did it! 2023 & 2024 Top Choice Winner of Edmonton’s Best Beauty Spa!


And we couldn’t have done it without your nomination, support and votes!



The New Skin Laser Studio Team!!💙🖤

We are introducing “The New Skin Franchise Inc”!

new skin laser studio logo

Sonya & Tyrone (the NewSkin owners) are thrilled to announce we have FRANCHISED New Skin Laser Studio!  We have been hard at work the past 5 months ( well honestly more like 2 years, thanks to Covid) preparing for this.  We are weeks away from selling New Skin Laser Studio’s all over Canada and the USA.   Know someone who maybe interested in opening a medi-spa somewhere in Canada or the USA?  Well, we are rewarding any successful franchise referral $3,000!   That means if you chatted with someone who ended up  purchasing a New Skin  (anywhere but Edmonton) then we would pay you a referral fee of $3,000!

We will have more details about this opportunity once we finish our last details and get our franchise website up and running.

For more information please contact us at:

website: thenewskinfranchise.com

email: info@thenewskinfranchise.com

Phone: (780) 429-0216

These promos were created to get you started right away on whichever deal you love and reap all the benefits this summer!