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Skin Tightening, Facelifts & Brazilians oh my!


Laser Hair Reoval brazilian

Our Hollywood Facelift is on sale!!   

This is one of our NewSkin Signature package treatments.  It is unique to us and has beautiful results!  3 different treatments done together in one 2 hour session. We start with our infamous Glow HydraFacial which is a deep cleansing, light exfoliating facial designed specifically for each client and their unique skin needs. Next, we do a full face RF Skin Tightening session with the latest in Diamond Polar and PEMF technology.  We comfortably reach skin temperatures of 38-42 degrees for optimal skin tightening results. It feels like a hot stone massage!  Last but not least we finish with our Firming Peptide facial. This powerful facial gives instant skin tightening, while renewing & revitalizing the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals. 2 hours of some serious skin care.  Wow right!?!   This month we have the Hollywood Facial on for $424.99 or 2 for $774.99!!  This is a MUST DO FACIAL before any big event, occasion or photo’s!


Laser Hair Removal- Underarms + Brazilian = $ 150   Buy up to 3!!

Laser Skin Tightening!   20% off
Full Face $1,128  for 6 sessions
Joules/Double Chin $816  for 6 sessions
Neck $816  for 6 sessions
Under Eyes $480  for 6 sessions

Book with a buddy this month and you both get 15% off any of our

We are intruducing “The New Skin Franchise Inc”!

Laser Hair Reoval brazilian

Sonya & Tyrone (the NewSkin owners) are thrilled to announce we have FRANCHISED New Skin Laser Studio!  We have been hard at work the past 5 months ( well honestly more like 2 years, thanks to Covid) preparing for this.  We are weeks away from selling New Skin Laser Studio’s all over Canada and the USA.   Know someone who maybe interested in opening a medi-spa somewhere in Canada or the USA?  Well, we are rewarding any successful franchise referral $3,000!   That means if you chatted with someone who ended up  purchasing a New Skin  (anywhere but Edmonton) then we would pay you a referral fee of $3,000!

We will have more details about this opportunity once we finish our last details and get our franchise website up and running.

For more information please contact us at:

email: franchise@newskinlaserstudio.com

Phone: (780) 429-0216

These promos were created to get you started right away on whichever deal you love and reap all the benefits this summer!