Our results driven Signature NEW SKIN packages offer a series of Advanced NEW SKIN treatments carefully bundles together to deliver optimal results at the best price.  These packages are a great gift to yourself or those you love.  

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New Skin Package

complete new skin package

Our signature package combines 3 medical-grade treatments: Photo Light Treatment, Skin Tightening Treatment, and Skin Resurfacing Treatment. Erase years of damaged aging skin and all it's imperfections. Reveal completely regenerated smoother NEW SKIN and look years younger! No band-aid fix here, we go deep in the skin layers to safely and effectively remove sun damage, loose skin, aged skin, and scarring, just to name a few. Minimal downtime of 1 - 3  days.


Hollywood Face Lift

2  hollywood Face lift Package 

Instant non-invasive skin tightening and fine line rescue. Instant results for smoother, tighter skin! Say goodbye to Botox. This package offers a quick solution with a big impact and instant smoothening results. Together the Glow HydraFacial Treatment, Advanced Skin Tightening Treatment and Advanced Firming Peptide Facial Treatment have face-lift effects.

Emergency Eye Lift

emergency eye lift package

Instant non-invasive skin tightening, wrinkle & puffiness rescue. Our Signature Emergency Eye Lift, without any injections or needles, is our instant solution to puffy, tired looking eyes. The 40 minutes complete eye skin tightening treatment lifts and tightens your upper lids while reducing under eye puffiness and visibly erasing fine lines.


Acne Rescue Membership

4  Acne rescue membership 

Our results-driven 4-month intensive NEW SKIN Acne Membership is a program designed as a series of advanced treatments that together combat all types acne and the symptoms caused by acne breakouts. Our package includes 16 advanced treatments: 10 Advanced Laser Acne Treatments, 2 Microdermabrasion, 2 Chemical Peels, 1 Oxygen Facial, 1 Enzyme Peel.