Small & local business IS OUR economy!

At NEW SKIN we are firm believers that we all have to do our part to support small business!

We are small business owners (Entrepreneurs) ourselves, we feel that it is crucially important that we as business owners in Canada support each other. We’ve added this support networking page to our site as one small part of the New Skin Laser Studio team actively supporting local and Canadian businesses. Please contact any of the businesses in our network to support Local and Canadian businesses.

Supporting each other is how we survive!

Supporting Local business

Support Local Business while staying safe and healthy in Canada!

All communities are built on the building blocks of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Right now, everyone is adapting on how they do business and now they reach out to their audience and target customers. We want to help locals connect with the small businesses in our community. Show your support while fulfilling your needs in Canada. This includes businesses, artists, and local attractions.

Did you know reposting local content on social media such as an Instagram story will bring a whole new audience to that business? So easy to do! Also engaging with the business on social media through comments, emoji’s , likes and such will put that business in better standing with Facebook and Instagram and they will then put that business in front of people who are looking at similar interests and services. It literally takes seconds and makes a huge difference for small businesses. Get your Christmas, birthdays and all occasion shopping done local. Most businesses are dropping of or mailing gift cards and products for your safety and convenience. Or stop by the business if you feel comfortable to make a purchase, while following the AHS guidelines of course! However you are able to support, we know that all these businesses will appreciate it.
Beside the awesome and easy tips we shared above, here Is a list of some more ways to support local!

BUY GIFT CARDS! For yourself for loved ones, for business or pleasure, everyone loves a good GIFT CARD. Call the business or go to their website to see what they offer.

ORDER SUPPLIES ONLINE- Most businesses that didn’t sell online, put up some kind of online store or offer when Covid started and they need to quickly fill a void. Its especially great for those hard to find products like personal hygiene that became hard to find in major stores.
ORDER TAKEOUT/PICKUP from your favourite restaurant! Many restaurants started offering their own delivery services so more convenience to you. Support 2 businesses when you order through a delivery company.
FITNESS CLASSES ONLINE! This is perfect from the convenience of your own home and will keep your local gym and personal trainer and biz and you in top condition.

MAKE A SWITCH TO SUSTAINABLE! Ditch many of your daily disposables and try some innovative and earth happy alternatives. Check out these cool businesses: LastSwab, Pomegranate, Ruby Cup, Omigo, Paperless Kitchen and Sweetgum Home. Just to name a few.

PRACTISE SELF CARE- most local businesses are dropping your self care item right to your door! Hit their website for online stores and divulge in some much needed self love. Or maybe send that love to your friend or coworker that you know could use a little TLC. Here are some of our local favs for self love:

START A HOBBY- there are many cool new things you can try out locally like painting, pottery, virtual golf etc. and a lot of businesses here in YEG to get your supplies from.

SHARE YOUR FAVOURITE STORE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Let your local peeps know where to go. This is more helpful than most people realize!
REACH OUT Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local favourite business and ask them how you can help. And If you are a business owner yourself, stick together and support your fellow founders.

Think of the online business community as one big self-sustaining MAIN STREET!!!

Our Network

Small Business Survival Essentials Canada

Small Business Survival Essentials Canada

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Acceleration Driven

We push the boundaries of conventional design to help our clients discover the right fit for their business goals, and we are excited to work with you to share your brand’s story. 

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Check out this amazing local singer/songwriter!

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Lash Artistry & Boutique!

Add your business here!! We are always looking for new businesses to join our network!

Add your business here!

Add your business here!

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