Cocoa Enzyme Peel + Skincare Kit


Try our Cocoa Enzyme Peel + Skincare Kit, it is a Circadia product that we are excited to promote!

This magnificently aromatic treatment is safe for all skin types/colours and especially beneficial for sensitive, acne and rosacea skin. It is the perfect start if you have never tried any type of exfoliating treatment. The calming effects of the cocoa is a gentle anti-inflammatory enzyme that will soothe the skin while gently removing surface skin debris, cleaning the skin and leaving it with a wonderful glow. It is perfect skin ‘pick me up’. The Cocoa Enzyme will return your skin’s radiance and remove damage caused by pollution, and the effects of the winter conditions here in Alberta.The Cocoa Enzyme can be done every 2-4 weeks to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Paired with skincare from our medical line, Circadia, we will choose the right skin care for your current skin condition.  Enjoy your kit today and improve your skin while isolating at home! We will be doing safe porch drop off’s right to your home! Don’t forget to get one for your isolating people! Stay safe and healthy and thank you for supporting local small businesses during this unprecedented time. Did you know your skincare products work 80% better when you exfoliate your skin properly.

We also offer our Raspberry Enzyme Peel and our Zymase Enzyme Peel.

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